Homemade soap offers several benefits compared to store-bought alternatives. Let’s explore why it’s a great choice for your skin:

  1. Control Over Ingredients: When you purchase homemade artisan soap, you know that you be getting a soap that has high-quality fats and oils. Ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, or olive oil are commonly used in handmade soaps. These natural components contribute to healthier skin.  We have vegan and non-vegan soaps.  Unlike mass-produced soaps, which often contain synthetic materials and harsh chemicals, homemade soap uses simple, natural components. These typically include:

    • Fat: Animal, vegetable, or mineral oils.
    • Lye: The alkaline substance that binds the soap together.
    • Water: The base for creating the soap.
    • You can also add natural fragrances like essential oils or beauty fillers such as herbs or flowers.
  2. Real Soap: Unlike many store-bought products labeled as “soap,” homemade soap is genuine soap. According to the FDA, real soap consists of “alkali salts of fatty acids,” essentially oils or fats combined with lye. When you purchase homemade soap, you avoid synthetic ingredients, harsh chemicals, and unnatural fragrances. It’s the real deal!

  3. Nourishing and Hydrating: Homemade soap is extremely nourishing for your skin. It contains glycerin, a natural by-product that helps keep your skin hydrated and soft. Commercially produced soaps often lack this moisturizing quality.

  • In summary, homemade soap is a nourishing, toxin-free alternative that allows you to prioritize your skin’s health.